How to Welcome New Neighbors

Is there a warm way to say hello to a new neighbor? It is fulfilling to know that when you move into new community, your neighbors will welcome you warmly.

Has a new family recently moved into the neighborhood? Helping them feel welcome is an easy way to pay it forward!

From new neighbor gift ideas to etiquette for introducing yourself, there are countless ways to help them feel at home in their new area code.

Check out our list below for easy ideas that say “Welcome to the neighborhood!”

1. Say Hello


If you see them on moving day, stop by to say a quick hello! Because they’re busy moving, make sure to keep it brief, but let them know you’d love to get to know them better once they’re settled. Practice new neighbor etiquette by being friendly yet respectful of their time and space.

2. Offer to Help Them Unload

Everyone knows how stressful moving can be, but lots of hands can make it a breeze! If you have the time, consider offering to help unload boxes when you make your initial introduction. While your new neighbors may not want to accept your help just yet, the gesture alone will mean a lot to them.

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