11 Things You Should Never, Ever Flush Down The Toilet

Has your toilet ever been clogged? If so here are some things that you never ever flush down in your toilet.Here is how to keep a clogged toilet from becoming a disaster again.

Let us make this clear: Your toilet is not a magically disappearing trashcan. Things don’t just slide out of existence with the push of a handle. Instead, many commonly flushed things end up stuck in pipes, mucking up the wastewater treatment process, or being spit back out into the environment. Clogged pipes cost homeowners and cities millions every year.

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The bottom line? Only the three p’s belong inside your toilet: pee, poop, and (toilet) paper. Below, a list of commonly flushed objects that are wreaking havoc on sewer infrastructure and the environment. Keep these things out of your toilet to save on repair bills, prevent sewer rate hikes, and protect natural waterways.

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