10 Personal Hygiene Mistakes You Have to Stop Making

“Personal hygiene is definitely important. Not only does it take your style quotient to the next level, it is the first step to good physical health and well being. However, there are some age old myths about personal hygiene that are completely baseless and following them hurts you.”

Since we were young, most of us have been taught all about personal hygiene habits. Everything from brushing your teeth, putting on clean clothes, taking a bath, and washing your hands before eating are taught at a very early age. These habits become a normal part of life, but it doesn’t end there.

In fact, adults continue to become more hygiene conscious as a step towards healthy and disease-free living. However, when it comes to personal hygiene, many of us are making common hygiene mistakes and don’t even realize it. No matter how clean you think you are, a few noteworthy habits might be doing more harm than good…


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