How to Save Money on Furniture

” Shopping for furniture can be costly, especially when buying new. Taking the time to research, time sales and make compromises when purchasing furniture for your home can save hundreds or thousands of dollars. This strategy provides you with an array of options, will save you from  thousands of dollars, decreased your stress level, and enable you  to furnish your  house with some impressive pieces.  Here are a few tips to consider when buying furniture.”

Furniture Shopping

 Zero in on What You Want

Visit a few furniture stores to see what’s available. Use your visit to familiarize yourself with the various makers and the level of quality that you can expect from each. Determine which features are important to you, and how much the pieces you like typically go for. Ask as many questions as you need to become an informed shopper. Then, start building a short list of contenders. Don’t worry if your favorites exceed your budget. There are plenty of ways to get the price down.

See the perfect piece? Don’t pull the trigger just yet. Instead, jot down the manufacturer, name of the piece, fabric color, and model number, so you’ll have everything you need to shop around for a better price. When I bought my last sofa set, I found two stores in my area that sold the same set. One had the sofa for $100 less. The other had the love seat for $100 less. So, I bought one piece from each store for an easy $200 savings…


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