Soil testing is an important tool for gardeners who apply fertilizer and lime

In general, soil testing is completed to look at the amount of fertility in the soil as well as determine and reveal any kind of present deficiencies. In the event that the soil is rich in nutrients and organic material, then you will get healthy fields and a abundant harvest.”

A soil probe.

Soil testing is an important diagnostic tool for any gardener who wants to grow quality produce, beautiful flowers and healthy turf. It is recommended that soil is tested every two to three years to maintain proper soil pH and balanced nutrients.

The first step is to obtain 20 soil cores taken randomly from each garden, lawn, fruit planting, flower bed or ornamental planting. The chosen tool to use is a soil probe (Photo 1). The depth of soil cores should be from four to eight inches. Remove any plant material, stone, or other debris. Place cores in a clean container and mix well. Obtain two cups of soil and place in a paper bag. Allow to dry for one week…


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