Post Marriage Depression In Women And How To Deal With It?

Shocked by the anxiety and depression that accompany in your marriage? Depression and its little voice of negativity can put a strangle hold on your entire existence. These tips  from this article will help you stay relaxed and find a balance in your life.

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Before I start this article I would like to let my readers know that depression and stress related to marriage can affect both men and women and there is nothing to feel low about yourself because getting a dissatisfactory feeling despite of spending some quality time with your in-laws and life partner is absolutely normal and no kind of criminal offense. Post marriage depression is a state of mind that becomes clogged due to many unresolved reasons giving rise to depression causing temporary or permanent troubled marital status.

What is Post Marriage Depression?

Depression is the silent killer of marital relationships. It is a very deadly factor that can be seen in both men and women but are most likely to affect women more as compared to men. Post marriage depression is a condition that can be seen in mostly women within few months of marriage and in many cases it affects the relationship after 1-2 years of marriage. The common symptoms are feeling dissatisfaction, depression, unhappiness, stress, anxiety, disorientation and enraged. Post marriage depression can be the root cause of several severe marital issues, domestic violence and divorce cases.

There are several reasons why post marriage depression is very common in women and mostly Indian women. PMD in women is common as compared to men because when a woman especially Indian, gets married she is bound to live with her in-laws however men live with their own families and are not obligated to leave their family. Hence women undergo several new and uncomfortable rules and laws that change their world upside down making it really tough to adjust for them in a new and unfamiliar environment. Newly wedded women are asked to perform several marriage related rituals in which they are strictly judged by their in-laws and their relatives. They get attacked by several comments and uncomforting criticisms that creates strong imprint in their mind impacting their state of mind.

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