4 Amazing Hair Products That Helped My Hair Go From Meh To Yay!

“When it comes to having a bad hair day, it can be hard to beat the inevitable pity party that arises when your hair falls flat. But, considering that even celebrities experience the occasional bad hair day there’s no reason to fret when things turn critical.”


Last month when I shifted to Gurgaon, I remember my hair was at its worst state, thanks to the hard water, dust, heat and pollution. My hair became brittle, frizzy, and don’t even get me started on the hairfall. It was bad, especially for someone like me who is obsessed with her hair.

I tried everything – spas, expensive treatments, high-end products…but nothing helped.

Although surprisingly my mother came to my rescue. She introduced me to Qtrove.com, which is a marketplace for all-natural, organic, and sustainable products. She asked me to go through their hair products range, and it was the best advice ever. There was no going back to mass-produced products ever since.


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