Guide to Buying Sheets

“Bed sheets are just one of those things you  never think about. Though we spend one-third of our lives in them and though there is probably nothing else that touches our skin for such long periods of time with more regularity, sheets are a bottom-of-the-shopping-list item.”

Iron Bed Near Window

Trying to settle on a set of sheets? Understanding some basics about the fabrics they’re made of will help you compare labels wisely and make a smart choice.

“Cotton is by far the most-loved fabric for sheets,” says Jim Symmes, vice president at Revman International, which manufactures sheets for prominent brands such as Tommy Bahama and Laura Ashley. “It’s soft, durable, and breathes well. But improvements in the manufacturing process and finishing techniques mean that other fabrics like polyester can be a viable alternative to cotton.” What you’re looking for is what the industry dubs a nice “hand”-soft and luxe to the touch…


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