The Most Common Things People Are Doing Wrong In The Gym, According To 12 Top Personal Trainers

I remember my first time in the gym. I do my workouts which were filled with mistakes. Everyone have made mistakes in gym, and you have done them too for sure. Here are some mistakes commonly made that you can avoid during your sessions in the gym.

While we all have that moment where we realise we need to get back in the gym, what exactly we do when we get there can be more of a struggle to figure out.

We are constantly bombarded with dos, don’ts and conflicting information. This then leads to people harming their workout progress by following the wrong advice or coming up with their own ideas because of the lack of a general consensus. Consequently, a lot of us are making the same mistakes when it comes to exercise.

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We asked some of London’s top fitness and personal trainers on what the most common mistakes are:

Not varying your workout

Sandy Macaskill, personal trainer at Barry’s Bootcamp says: “The change most people need to make to their workout routine is change itself. Lots of people do the same workout, same exercises, same order, same weight, etc, day in, day out and wonder why they don’t get any results. Your body gets used to what you are asking it to do and stops being forced to respond sufficiently.

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