9 Things We Miss When We’re Away for Christmas

Christmas is nearly here! It comes earlier and earlier each year, and with all the joy and happiness the season brings. Make sure you don’t miss it this year! Here are nine things you would miss when you’re away for Christmas season.

Board games, wet sleet and complaining relatives never seemed so appealing…

Are you going to be away for Christmas this year? If you’re a jammy jet setter who is sledging off to the Swiss Alps or flying off to the Caribbean this Christmas, we’re sure you won’t be short of some festive cheer. However, it has to be said, nothing is the same as a Christmas at home surrounded by your favourite people, wet weather and burnt Yorkshire puddings.

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If you’re heading off this year, we bet you start to miss…

Carving the bird

You’ve slaved away basting your turkey to glazed perfection so you want to do the honours and carve through that crisp skin. Whilst your slices (we mean hacks) will never look as beautiful as a chef’s carving, there is something regal about carving your own bird.

Listening to endless Christmas songs

Whilst some Latino music wouldn’t go amiss on the sun lounger in Mexico, you cannot beat the recognisable ‘rum pump pum pum’ that blasts out of every store and home at Christmas. We love to hate them but Christmas wouldn’t be the same without a merry tune.

Complaining about the weather

No, we aren’t jealous of your unparalleled views of Aspen’s finest nor your endless turquoise waters, we have a heavy dosing of sleet that has everyone watching at the window and gale force wind that is destroying the roof, tile by tile… Christmas wouldn’t be the same without a stranded relative!

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Post Marriage Depression In Women And How To Deal With It?

Shocked by the anxiety and depression that accompany in your marriage? Depression and its little voice of negativity can put a strangle hold on your entire existence. These tips  from this article will help you stay relaxed and find a balance in your life.

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Before I start this article I would like to let my readers know that depression and stress related to marriage can affect both men and women and there is nothing to feel low about yourself because getting a dissatisfactory feeling despite of spending some quality time with your in-laws and life partner is absolutely normal and no kind of criminal offense. Post marriage depression is a state of mind that becomes clogged due to many unresolved reasons giving rise to depression causing temporary or permanent troubled marital status.

What is Post Marriage Depression?

Depression is the silent killer of marital relationships. It is a very deadly factor that can be seen in both men and women but are most likely to affect women more as compared to men. Post marriage depression is a condition that can be seen in mostly women within few months of marriage and in many cases it affects the relationship after 1-2 years of marriage. The common symptoms are feeling dissatisfaction, depression, unhappiness, stress, anxiety, disorientation and enraged. Post marriage depression can be the root cause of several severe marital issues, domestic violence and divorce cases.

There are several reasons why post marriage depression is very common in women and mostly Indian women. PMD in women is common as compared to men because when a woman especially Indian, gets married she is bound to live with her in-laws however men live with their own families and are not obligated to leave their family. Hence women undergo several new and uncomfortable rules and laws that change their world upside down making it really tough to adjust for them in a new and unfamiliar environment. Newly wedded women are asked to perform several marriage related rituals in which they are strictly judged by their in-laws and their relatives. They get attacked by several comments and uncomforting criticisms that creates strong imprint in their mind impacting their state of mind.

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A Brief Introduction To Roof Restoration

A roof is one of the most vital parts in the build of your house as it is the basic external part that protects a home from climate conditions and other external elements. Most property owners wait for a problem to appear before they decide to get it restored. The extreme climates and ever-changing environment continually affects the roof. Consequently, it’s critical you have it restored regularly. In the event of even a slight damage, roof restoration is very important since it is this small damage that can lead towards a big one.

Inspect and Maintain

Some problems are tough to detect right up until they’ve done a lot of damage. And that damage could go as far as weakening the structure of the property. In some cases, home insurance will go void if house maintenance is not done properly. If that’s the case, if you get your roof checked routinely, the problem is going to be detected before it has become serious and not only will it save you money but will also save other parts of the home to be impacted by the damage.


When speaking about regular roof cleaning it doesn’t mean that it should be done each month but should be done at least once a year. Most householders do not feel comfortable to do this thus they hire a professional roof cleaner. Your roof normally collects grime, debris, algae, moss, and dirt that needs cleaned off. Debris normally include small tree branches, leaves, etc. and is among the easiest parts of roof cleaning. By doing so it will boost the value of your house in case you decide to do it. It will likewise extend the lifespan of your roof.


You must hire experts for the job and they’ll be able to choose what is best for the roof. They might recommend building a new roof or just restoring the old one. This will depend on the condition of the roof. Whenever the restoration process is going on try to understand the different approaches to restoring the roof. This will help to select the best for your home. It’s also crucial that you consider the weather pattern of you locality.

Roof restoration is a complex and costly process. As a result, you shouldn’t try to do it yourself. Getting trained professionals would be the best. If you try doing it yourself, you’re going to be losing your money and you will have a bad roof that will need some repairs in near future. Nowadays, there are numerous roofing services available and these companies will try everything what your roof needs as well as gives you excellent value for you investment. The best thing is that the work will be carried out so expertly that you will not have to shell out a dime anywhere in near future.


How To Find Out If You Are in Need of a New Roof

Do you simply look up at the roofline when you run in and out of your property? Never wait for a tree to fall down on it before taking a good look. Inspection is essential, since several wilting signs tend to be not really noticeable from a distance. Your roof could possibly be deteriorating without you realizing that replacement is essential.

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Many roofs have a life expectancy of 20 years. If it is time to find a new roof, you will see signs. These do not include leaking since when you notice leaking, it means that the issue may require a lot more extensive repair work simply because now the home structure may be compromised. You do not want to wait until utilize your unused pots to collect rain water in your home. Whilst you can always fix a small problem every now and then, a replacement could possibly be needed before you know it. Here are the to signs that will let you know if you need new roofing for your house.

Step 1: Look at your ceilings for just about any indications of water stains, discolorations and visible sagging as this can just imply that your roof is already losing its ability to resist moisture. Sagging on your ceiling is a clear indication that your roof is close to giving in from the extreme pressure brought about by water buildup. When not treated, these small holes can result in bigger punctures that can lead to devastating outcomes in the event of a storm.

Step 2: Check your ground for just about any warning signs of missing or broken shingles that suggests that your roofing material is already starting to wear out which is why these are detaching themselves from your roof.

Step 3: Curling is just what it sounds like. If the ends of the shingles are curled up, they aren’t delivering just as much protection. It may provide spots where water collects and if the water isn’t going to dry out, it offers the perfect environment for rot to take hold. You’ll want to replace them.

Step 4: In case your roof is over 30 years old and has lived through the harshest of weather conditions then it is likely that you will need to bid goodbye to your old roof and say hello to a new one.

Always keep safe when inspecting your roof. It’s not recommended that you go up onto your roof to execute an inspection. This isn’t required. You simply need a pair of binoculars to aesthetically inspect your roof. In case you are struggling to see your roof from the ground level, then get in touch with an expert to get up onto your roof so you can stop the hazards of climbing on a ladder.