Does Age Really Matter?

People who fall in love don’t necessarily take age into consideration.  Everyone has their own opinions as to why a young girl would marry an older man. This article will explore the question: does age matter when it comes to relationships.

Of course, age doesn’t matter. Age discrimination is an appalling fact of life in all walks of life, and many young people feel marginalized as much as their seniors. Older people are judged as “expired,” “invalid,” “out of touch,” and the young as “naïve,” “ignorant” and “clueless.” But equality issues aside—what about age and dating? In that case, age might matter.

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Let’s talk about May/December romance, as they are called. These relationships, between someone in the “winter” of life and someone still in the “spring,” have no specific age gap associated with them, but let’s ballpark it at about a 20 year age difference. What is that all about? How does it affect a relationship? Why does it happen?

Clearly age preferences in romance are personal. But with a gap of 20 years or more, taking a look at why you chose, or were drawn into, a May/December romance is important. Use the questions below to guide you as you examine, as objectively as you can, what factors may be at work in your relationship.

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Stress and Sexpectations: How to Survive Your First-Ever Vacation as a Couple

Not all vacation can work for couples. Both of you will have high expectations as well as doubts about whether you made the right decision by going on vacation together. Well, how will you survive your first vacation as a couple.

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We’ve all been there: You’re scrolling through Instagram and between shots of brunch and bulldogs, your index finger pauses on a “candid” snap of an old acquaintance and her day-old boyfriend frolicking on a beach in Lisbon. Surrounded by turquoise water and cotton candy clouds (made all the more pink by filters aplenty), it’s no wonder she chose to share that moment over the screaming match she surely must have had with her travel mate a few hours prior. The fact is—regardless of how social media fogs our perception—jet-setting with your significant other can be tough, especially for new relationships. “As much as people love to travel, it can be very exhausting,” says Rachel Sussman, New York­–based therapist and relationship expert. “Delayed flights, discomfort, misinformation on hotels and vacation spots—a lot can go wrong, which produces stress. If one is under stress, they’re not their optimum self.” Booked a getaway with your new beau? No need to fret. Pack these tried-and-true tips and tricks for how to get the most out of your first-ever vacation with the new leading man or lady in your life.

Play to Your Strengths

Well before takeoff, talk to your Romeo about trip-centric areas in which you feel comfortable taking the reins. “Try to tackle problems in a team approach, using your best skill sets,” says Sussman. “For example, if one person is a better communicator, this may be his or her job. If the other person is better at planning daily activities or booking dinner reservations, this will be his or her job.” By applying a “you complete me” approach, both partners will feel as though they’re contributing to the success of the vacation as a whole, while avoiding unnecessary tugs-of-war. Not quite a whiz at deciphering directions? Don’t let road maps get you down. Talk through your strong suits and make a loose list of what you and your partner are responsible for tackling.

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Avoid These Ingredients in Your Makeup If You Want Clear Skin

If you have struggled with acne for any period in your life, you probably understand how difficult it is to find a makeup that will not cause you some breakouts. This article provides advice on how to choose safe makeup products and avoid these ingredients that contribute to new breakouts.

Last post, we talked about my frustrating foray into natural makeups.

I have learned that in pursuit of clear skin, it is definitely worth avoiding some of the very chemically derived ingredients in typical makeups.

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But then most of the natural ones seem to contain coconut oil, which is rather comedogenic. And this has me stumped now.

But anyway… let’s talk about which chemicals and comedogenic ingredients you definitely want to avoid in your makeup, and why.

First of all, let’s quickly talk about a few key terms before we move forward, so you can understand what these chemical ingredients do to the skin.


When your skin is healthy, it will lift dead skin cells up and out through the pore (in other words, exfoliating itself and making new skin and collagen).

However, many chemical products will dehydrate your skin (ie. not enough water in the skin layers). When your skin is dehydrated, it will start to trap the dead skin cells and the chemical junk in makeups and other skin care products inside your pores.

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Get Your Pipes Fixed Now

Although there are numerous plumbing repairs that happen to be quite complicated and should be left to the professionals, there are numerous repairs of a minor nature that can be attempted by the homeowner. It is definitely recommended to carryout repairs when possible in order to avoid further damage.

When you have a leaking pipe, the first thing you want to do is switch off the water source to that pipe. When the pipe is underneath the bathroom or kitchen sink or leading to the toilet, then the water valve must be right at the source. The very first mistake that lots of people make is to panic and they leave the water on, which results in a flooded bathroom, kitchen and to much more costly repairs. You don’t just spend on repairs but additionally on power bills too.

When water leaks, it should go somewhere. In many cases, it may cause damage to your home. As an example, if it drips onto a carpet, the surface can mildew and finally be ruined so you have to replace it all. If it drips onto wood, the surface can warp and also rot. Letting leaky pipes leak on metal can result in rust, and of course letting them drip water outside may end up ruining your yard if the soil gets too wet. The foundation might even end up in trouble when it gets wet for very long. Plainly, getting your pipe repair done as quickly as possible is the greatest solution to avoid these issues.

Having pipes burst in your home is never straightforward to handle. The amount of sheer damage that water can perform in short period of time, could make your head spin! Not to mention the costs of repairing. With time structures settle in different ways depending on the medium they’re built on. Some could end up settling right on top the pipes, potentially damaging them, with the need to be replaced. A burst pipe of this type can be expensive, as it may go unnoticed for some time, causing all sorts of damages, even the need for foundation repair. One of the reasons why it’s important to call an emergency plumber at any sign of pressure loss.

The good thing is, trained professionals are readily available to aid homeowners and building managers to maintain their properties. While there are many who claim to complete the job, for satisfactory service, only certified contractors capable of supplying quality inspection, leak detection, water extraction, mold remediation, general contractor or preventive services must be hired.


Tips on Decorating a Christmas Tree

Christmas is the special season that spreads joy all around. To enjoy this grand festival people start preparation well ahead of time. Christmas decoration is the inescapable thing about this very good occasion. During the festive days most people do lots of purchasing to decorate their property. Listed below are lots of things to take into consideration in redecorating your home and yard for Christmas. There are several types of holiday lights that you can purchase for both outside and inside. The key is how to decorate the house inside and out and make it spectacular and the talk of the neighborhood as well as making your house a comfortable place filled with holiday spirit for your friends and family.

You could start filling your property with Christmas cheer by putting up joyful and wonderful decorations.

Right now, you can find a lot of several types of trees: different sizes, colors and textures. Of course there are many various small awesome things to put on the tree. Perhaps you have a lot of in your Christmas toys similar to dolls or bear and etc. If so, then your tree may be decorated with these rather than the usual Christmas tree decoration.

  • Almost, dining room is the focal point for the whole holiday. That’s why you have to think how you can decorate it ahead of time. Embellish your dinner table with Christmas tablecloths. Add small silver and crystal things. Make your room shine and sparkle.

  • Make simple bows out of Christmas ribbons and attach them to your curtains with pins. It’s a very charming look once your room is filled with them.
  • If you’re looking for an task to do with your children, you may then want to think about taking a white table cloth and painting it with fabric paint. It is an excellent way to add your children’s personality to your room. Just make sure that you explain that painting on the tablecloth is a one time thing.
  • Beautify your houseplants with small ornaments to make them more Christmasy. If you’re out of Christmas decorations, make use of your Christmas cookie cutters with a little ribbon. You cannot go wrong. When it appeals to you, then you can certainly use it.
  • Placing Christmas books out on your table is a superb decoration and you can gain knowledge. You may also create a game around the trivia that you just find within the books.

Christmas decorating is a superb time to create traditions and spend quality time with the family. Get some good snacks and drinks and create a little “decorating party” your loved ones will love and look forward to each year. Happy holidays!


Best Expert-Approved Acne Spot Treatments, According to Reddit Users

With the fast-rising problem of teens and other adults regarding acne, medicinal breakthroughs were introduced in order to deal with the outbreak directly. In this article, Reddit users shared their best acne spot treatments that would surely erase those annoying spots.

“What is your preferred spot treatment?” was the million-dollar question on one Reddit user’s mind two days ago when they posted to the Asian Beauty subreddit, more than likely with the hope of crowdsourcing some legit methods to add to their arsenal. And with their luck (not to mention people’s stark obsession with acne), myriad responses began rolling in at a rapid rate. So much so that I was ready to put them to the test myself. I wondered, How many of these actually work? And how many of them are just random “treatments” people got lucky with?

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Intrigued, I tapped my dermatologist friends for backup. Because if anyone can call bullshit on acne advice, it’s them. Thus, here I bestow on you some of the best, expert-approved acne spot treatments, according to Reddit users (along with one you should probably cross off your list for good).

Tamanu Oil

“Tamanu oil has really done wonders for my active acne as well as old scars. It seems to calm redness and inflammation as well without breaking me out.” — swirlsee

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9 Bizarre (But Totally Healthy!) Ways To Deal With Heartbreak

Did you have a breakup and are wondering how to deal with heartbreak?  It is true that time heals all wounds, but only for those who want to be healed. These tips might be peculiar but it totally works for those heartbroken.

Find out how to get over that gut-wrenching heartbreak in a healthier, fun way.

We’ve all been through them — the heartbreaks from hell. The ones where you bury your head in a pillow, lie on the couch for days and decide that you’re proud that you actually made it out of your bedroom.

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You weep for a while, spend several hours texting your friends about what a moron he is, and maybe even have a moment of laughter as you create your maniacal plan of how to sleep with his best friend.

The big question is — are you recovering from this breakup in the healthiest way possible?

Here are some real-life situations and advice on how to get over heartbreak that might seem weird but will actually help you feel much better during this traumatic life experience:

1. Say “See ya!” and get away for awhile.

Leave the familiar and get away for a while. You’ll gain some new perspective on yourself and the relationship. Go somewhere you have always dreamed about and decide whether going alone or with another person will be best for you.

Take it up a notch and ask someone at home to remove his pictures and other personal items from your space so you arrive back to your new boyfriend-free zone.

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Utilizing Space in a Modular Kitchen


Whenever there is a talk of kitchen, it’s regarded as the most significant part of house for women. Therefore, the decoration and care of kitchen is as significant as the other parts of the home. As the question of decorating the kitchen arises, lots of people seem to have taken a fancy to the modular kitchen of late. The modular kitchen set has now become a popular feature.

Modular Kitchen is the modern layout of kitchen furniture with units of cabinets designed specifically for different reasons. They’re available in diversified materials and colors to match the requirements and taste of numerous group of people. Their innovators considered that the designs will significantly ease kitchen work, as well as make it exciting, instead of boring.


People who are new buyers automatically go for it, and people who choose to re-model their homes also seem to prefer it to the older versions. It’s because modular kitchen designs include various elements such as visual appeal, current trends as well as efficiency.

Modular kitchen designs cater for the needs and demands of all individuals. This is because they are available in a myriad of color schemes and likewise, those who love a combination of various palettes can get their wishes fulfilled. Moreover, whether your kitchen is small or big these designs are easily included in the design of your house. This gives your kitchen a trendy look.

In addition, it requires almost no time to set up them kitchens as most of the fittings are ready made. The experts needs very little time to put in them and it is quite handy for homeowners at the same time if the gets a short session of installation guide training.

Choosing a modular kitchen is a wise decision with regards to budget as it costs lesser than the traditional ones where you’ll have to spend on buying appliances and getting additional work done to optimize the space. It could be cleaned and maintained in a much efficient manner. It’s also easy to repair individual components of the kitchen separately.

Modular Kitchens have changed the concept of kitchen nowadays because it offers household women with a comfy yet a classy space that they can invest their quality time and space. As against the traditional concept of kitchen which required lots of maintenance to prevent messiness, the emergence of modular kitchens have diminished those problems as they are easy to handle with full facilities and comfort which helps in making cooking a celebration.


Which Is the Best Material Used For Bathtubs

Bathtubs have numerous functions. They are designed for comfort and ease, so as to clean your body and also for leisure. The first documented evidence of a personal-sized bathtub was discovered on the Isle of Crete that’s made from solidified pottery. In the past, it is only used by royals and upper class families but now it’s accessible for everybody. When you are thinking of changing your old tub and desire to make the most of your new purchase, you have to look at the cost, style, color, shape, measurements, and material used as well ascomfort and ease.

An important consideration in buying a bathtub is the materials used. Your final decision can vary on the style of your house and some other factors in your home layout. Each bathtub can satisfy your need of a good bathing experience, but only a few of them will make it tremendous. Anybody can enjoy a bath in the bathtub, yet the real trouble begins when it comes to the hassle of cleaning and maintaining it consistently. To avoid worthless and high maintenance bathtubs, here are examples of bathtub materials to give you an idea of each kind.

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• Acrylic: Acrylic bathtubs are quite light and thus can be made in bigger designs without placing a lot of force on the floor. Acrylic basically is a form of plastic and is another substance utilized to make bathtubs. Its benefits are glossy, like the enameled appearance on cast iron bathtubs. It insignificantly lighter in weight as compared to cast iron.

• Cast iron: Cast iron bathtubs are usually the most long-lasting, however they cost a tad little more when compared with other materials. Cast iron is strong stuff by itself, and it also avoids nicks and chips. The material is heavy thus bathroom floor must be strengthened. They are recognized for both their attractiveness and durability. They are really exceptionally resistant to scratching, and their remarkable strength implies that you can frequently find antique cast iron bathtubs in excellent condition.

• Superior Solid Surface: These solid surfaces come in stone resin mixtures thus providing the feel and look of stone, but with extra durability. These could be carved into any sort of shape with respect to your bathroom bathtub design ideas. Aside from this, they are really easy to sustain too.

Out of all these, the superior solid surface is considered the best and most beneficial material to be utilized to make bathtubs. It truly is durable and long-lasting a result of the resin stone combination. Apart from this, the solid surface material is water resistant, mold proof, hypo-allergenic, and can be washed effortlessly using regular bathroom detergents and cleansing agents. They could be refined effortlessly through sand paper, in case there is marks or stains. The solid surface bathtubs may be found in multiple designs and colors which gives you the ease of selecting the best style for the fantastic bathroom bathtub design idea.