How To Save On Air Conditioning Costs

The expenses of air conditioning at home tends to surge quickly over the hotter months of the year. Thankfully, you may minimize that necessary expense by making use of some approaches to minimize the amount of energy you spend on your air conditioning unit. Here are some useful ways in which you could trim your cooling costs:

1.For greater control over the temperature in your property, nothing can beat a programmable thermostat. With programmable thermostats, you will save on cooling bills without sacrificing your indoor comfort. These thermostats have several daily settings and you can program them to go higher when you are sleeping or at work, and lower if you are home. You save money and stay cool at the same time.


2. Throughout daylight hours, keep windows sealed, curtains pulled, and blinds shut. In a common household, about 30% of a home’s energy is lost through the windows. Having your windows replaced with new, more energy-efficient glass is a great solution to keep your home insulated and reduce your cooling costs.

3. In food preparation, use crock pots or an outdoor grill to cut down on the need for the oven and long cooking times which will heat up the home. It will be cost effective if you try to lessen heat generating appliances during the day as your air conditioning system will work twice for cooling your house.

4. If you do not need to use the lights, turning them off will help lower your costs since your air conditioner don’t need to work as hard to keep the place cool. Electrical appliances tend to create a lot of heat, like computers, ovens, washing machines, irons and the like; these can cause your home to feel hotter with the discharge of heat when they are on.

5. Keep heavy shades, drapes, or perhaps awning on the bright and sunny side of your home. This can block the sunlight from getting in thus keeping extra heat out of your house you don’t need or want.

In case you follow these tips you may be confident that you’re operating at peak efficiency. There are many ways to remain cool during the summer time. When you stay home all day, consider taking a day trip to the mall or to the library to reduce the requirement for cooling. Perform all housework early in the morning or late at nighttime when it’s cooler out.


6 Tips on Decorating a Christmas Tree

Christmas is the special occasion that spreads joy all around. To celebrate this grand festival people start off preparation well in advance. Christmas decoration is the inescapable thing about this very good occasion. During the festive days many people do lots of purchasing to embellish their house. Listed here are lots of things to take into account in designing your own home and yard for Christmas. There are several forms of holiday lights that you can get for both inside and outside. The secret is how to beautify the house inside and outside and make it spectacular and the talk of the neighborhood as well as making your house a comfortable place complete with holiday spirit for your friends and family.

You could start filling your house with Christmas cheer by setting up joyful and wonderful decorations.

  • Today, you can find lots of a variety of trees: different sizes, colors and textures. And of course there are millions of various small awesome items to put on the tree. Perhaps you have a lot of your Christmas toys the same as dolls or bear and etc. If so, then your tree could be embellished with these rather than the usual Christmas tree decoration.
  • Another idea to help give your home that Christmas spirit is to use Christmas ribbon to tie bows on your property. You can put them anywhere you are able to tie them, from your stair and rails to your curtains.
  •  Hanging stockings throughout your house is a best way to add that fun feel.
  •  If you’re looking for a task to do with your children, then take a white table cloth and paint it with fabric paint. This is an excellent way to add your children’s personality to your home. Just make sure you explain that painting on the tablecloth is a one time thing.
  • Embellish your houseplants with small decorations to help make them more Christmasy. If you are out of Christmas ornaments, use your Christmas cookie cutters with a little ribbon. You cannot go wrong. When it appeals to you, then you can certainly use it.
  • Put a collection of Christmas books on your coffee table. Or you can also place it under your Christmas tree.

You don’t have to spend plenty of cash on Christmas decorations. You may create your own with just some effort and a few ideas much like these.

Simple Tips For Maintaining A Vacuum Cleaner

You’ve made an investment in your vacuum cleaner therefore make it your top priority to cope with it so it’ll maintain working at prime performance. Given that the machine is used to clean the dirt does not mean that it has to stay dirty. An excellent cleansing schedule holds your vacuum cleaner working correctly and minimize on any repairs that may occur as a result of low maintenance. There are few tips that you need to use that will help your vacuum clean and nicely maintained. The very fact is these are often pretty straightforward in what you must do and it wouldn’t take a lot effort to do these duties that include:


Clear the area you intend to clean

Before you begin using your cleaner, you will need to look around the area you intend to clean and pick any small sharp or hard objects. Even though your machine could most likely suck this in to the bag, the objects may harm some internal parts of the equipment and render your cleaner useless. Only do a quick sweep of the area you are about to clean and clear these objects if present. These kinds of objects could include pennies, nails, Lego heads, bottle tops or sharp small pieces of rocks.

Empty the bag and clear the filter

Alter your vacuum filters and or bags on time. Boost efficiency of your vacuum by maintaining the filters and vacuum cleaner bags. A clogged filter or overfilled vacuum is usually the cause of vacuum cleaner that does not work well. Your motor and carpet will be affected. If you have allergic reactions, take note of this since the vacuum bag is part of the filtration system. Therefore it may allow you to reduce any allergens or debris from being redistributed from the vacuum cleaner and back to your own home. Open the vacuum and remove the filters and clean them thoroughly. Look at the manual regarding how to clean the filters. There are many filters that needs to be changed, whereas others are washable.

Check the vacuum belt

Every couple of months, check the belt on your vacuum. Check for spots, cracks, and tears. Belts wear out after a few months (based on usage) and would need to be replaced. Sometimes belts become lose and need to be refitted in to the vacuum. Understand that the vacuum’s effectiveness to suck dirt and particles would also be because of the vacuum’s belt. At home, you may encounter a burning smell and this sometimes shows that the vacuum cleaner has to be replaced.

20 Best Indoor Kid Crafts and Activities for Rainy Days

Kids nowadays are really hard to tame. Sometimes they stress us out. However I found out that they just need to be busy for them to behave. So how did I deal with them? Challenge them in creating crafts.

So every year about this time winter starts getting REALLY OLD. Am I right? Everyone’s tired of snow and cold and the kids are super tired of being stuck inside (and I’m tired of hearing them tell me they’re tired of being stuck inside!). We needed some new “kid fun” ideas, so of course I turned to Pinterest, where there are galoads of great ideas. I spent some time looking for the 20 best indoor kid crafts and activities, and I had two criteria: 1) The crafts needed to be activity based, meaning they can play with whatever they make so we don’t end up with more stuff to throw away, and 2) The crafts/activities needed to be simple enough for the kids to do much of on their own so I can make dinner or tidy up or fold laundry and watch Downton Abbey. Here’s what I found:


1. Paper plate fish from MADE. I don’t always love paper crafts for kids because they spend 15 minutes making it, and then it just clutters up my house. But the creative possibilities here are sure to keep them busy for some time.

2. DIY lazer maze from Brassy Apple. Can you say genius? Give the kids a roll of crepe paper and some masking tape and let them go crazy designing mazes and working their way through them.


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Travel Alone and Love it: 50 tips (Revised and Updated)

We all have that dream to travel solo once in our lifetime. To those first timers, before travelling make sure you do a little research to avoid hassles. Check out this blog from a traveler. I must say that it’s good to get some tips from those who have lots of experience.


This post was first published on June 8, 2009, just a week after Solo Traveler was launched. Yes, it’s time for an update.

Traveling solo?


You get to do what you want when you want. You can connect with people if you wish or avoid them completely if you want to be alone. When you travel alone, you travel on your terms. Here are some tips to help you travel alone and love it with references to more recent posts with detail on specific subjects.

Before you Leave to Travel Alone

  1. Save up. Isn’t it great to return from a trip and know that it’s fully paid for rather than having to catch up financially after the fact? Save up for your trip before you go. Enjoy the delayed gratification. And be ready to start saving for the next trip as soon as you return.
  2. Know your budget. There are a few steps involved in planning your travel budget.
  3. Decide on your destination. Maybe you have a dream destination or maybe you just need to get away and the destination doesn’t matter that much. Here are some sources for your destination planning.
    • Check out our Destination section with hundreds of recommendations written by other solo travelers.
    • Consider a destination where you can stay put in terms of your accommodation but have a good variety of day excursions. This way you save money and get to know the locals.
    • Take a tour. The Solo Travel Deals  page has tours specifically for solo travelers.
    • Is money an issue?

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