Choosing Bamboo Cabinets For Your Kitchen

Bamboo kitchen cabinets will appeal to those home owners who seems to be considering having a more eco-friendly home. Bamboo is an eye-catching substitute to conventional woods, and has been utilized in the manufacturing of kitchen cabinets as well as other household furniture for a number of years. This includes flooring that’s been around since the past few decades and is also now a material which is being used in other areas of the home, such as kitchen cabinets.

What is Bamboo?

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Bamboo is a grass – not a wood – and when harvested properly, can replenish itself within 3 years (unlike oak, that will take a minimum of 30 years). Bamboo kitchen cabinets are significantly more durable than hardwoods. In fact, bamboo has a level of hardness which is 15% more than hard maple, and 25% harder than oak. Bamboo is famous for its durable qualities, which means that you are unlikely to replace these fittings for years due to deterioration that may occur in a kitchen.

Bamboo has the same natural coloring as pine (light shades with yellowish tones, normally termed as “blonde”). It is possible to get it once it has been carmelized to generate a deeper brownish coloring (normally referred to as “amber”). Both these choices are considered “natural” coloring. It could also be stained introducing any color you can think of.

Things You Need to Know About Bamboo

Such a nature of bamboo does enable it to absorb water without getting damaged at all. It is sufficiently resistant against other chemicals also which is a immediate implication of the reduced repairs costs. The material doesn’t require chemicals for cleaning the cabinets. All it requires it water and mild detergent. As a way to raise the eco-friendly advantages of bamboo, use green detergents which have no added chemicals that happen to be bad for health. There is no need to eliminate the whole kitchen cabinet to clean it, either.

Another reason that can explain why bamboo is becoming a more frequently selected material for houses is the fact that bamboo is dimensionally stable. It is extremely strong due to the fact each strand of the grain is completely straight. No other wood grows as straight. As a result, although bamboo is a light material, it has less contraction and expansion than wood.

When you choose bamboo kitchen cabinets, you can give your kitchen the look of the outdoors and create a fascinating looking kitchen as well. Bamboo is robust and is much more environmentally friendly compared to wood also it can give your kitchen the brand new fresh look it needs without compromising on resilience and style.


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