Buying A Shower The Different Types Of Showers

Efficient, practical and space-saving showers are an incredibly well-known contemporary bathroom essential. However there are lots of kinds of showers to choose from. Consider a look at these choices:

Bath/Shower Mixers

To put it simply, a bath/shower mixer is usually a bath tap with a shower attachment. Available on free standing baths, the hose and spray are coupled with a mixer tap. The water temperature is altered through the taps, what is actually great about bath/shower mixers are that they do not require any additional plumbing, so they are very affordable. In case you have a smaller bathroom (and therefore don’t have space for a physical shower independent of a bath) then this is a great option. Though remember, these kinds of showers normally don’t offer great water pressure – and it can often be tricky to get the temperature just how you want it.

Manual Shower Mixers

The hose and spray are attached to a wall hunged unit that features a temperature control. The temperature handle works by merging the hot and cold water supply. Although extremely popular and


cost effective, these showers must be at a ideal elevation to help with water pressure. The hot and cold water supplies also need to be plumbed in correctly for the manual shower mixer to operate.

Thermostatic Mixers

It is an ideal selection for schools, hospitals and open spaces for its inbuilt stabilizer unit which produces constant water temperature. It has a fixed wall unit, a hose, water spray and a valve. This kind of shower is able to regulate the flow of water and to combine cold or hot water to obtain the ideal water temperature. It is user-friendly because of its ability to instantly adjust temperature of water and pressure.

Electric Showers

With electric showers, the water supply is taken from the mains cold water supply. Like mixer showers, they have got built in temperature and pressure handles that may be adjusted. These work nicely in areas such as an en-suite as they provide instant hot water independent to the boiler system. When the boiler were to stop working properly, you would still have one shower in the house that will have hot water.

Power Showers

A power shower is a single unit containing an excellent electric pump that is able to modifying both the water pressure and temperature. This type of shower can be installed when there is water supply from a cold water cistern and a hot water cylinder. A power shower helps make the adjustment of both pressure and temperature simple. However, it is unsuitable for water heated directly by the shower or where the water comes by a combination boiler under mains pressure.


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