Lawn Aeration: Taking Care of Your Lawn

Of all landscaping ideas, one of several basic and easiest to take care of is a lawn. It doesn’t have a calming effect on the home, but the sprawling lawn boosts property value too! Lawn aeration is an important yard maintenance job you will need to do on a regular basis. Particularly for high traffic lawns, aeration is necessary. Lawn aerators are the ideal tool for getting this task carried out your lawn.

To start with, the main reason to aerate your lawn would be to promote the health of the soil under your lawn. A healthy lawn requires healthy soil underneath to supply enough water and nutrients. Clay or sandy soils has a tendency to compact and limit the movement of these nutrients, or they permit them to wash right though. High traffic areas that are vulnerable to compacting are greatly benefited by these air pockets, which allow the ground to breath and enables the nutrients to spread evenly in the soil.

It’s best to acquire lawn aerators in this season or you can also rent one easily specifically if you require a larger machine. For those who have never aerated your lawn before, then it is advisable to do so at least 2 times each year for the first two to three years. It is possible to bring the frequency down once the roots have become deep enough and a healthy turf has been established. In reality, it only becomes necessary to carry out aeration once in two or three years once the lawn grass is now healthy and lush. If the soil in your region is extremely compact or hard, then aeration may need more regularly and same is the case living in a hilly or mountainous region.

There are numerous techniques that you can aerate your grass but one of the easiest ways is by using some spike lawn aeration products like spike lawn aerator shoes. These are a pair of moulds which have lots of spikes coming out of the bottom of them and you slip these moulds over your shoes and then simply walk around your garden which places these spikes deep into the earth providing a lot of core holes that will allow the water, air and sunlight to reach the roots.

A wonderful way to spend less would be to rent the equipment either on your own or on sharing basis with a neighbor who also needs to aerate his lawn. If you wish to cut costs, perform process all on your own or employ a professional who will ask you for a little fee but will complete the job in a professional manner. When you’re done with the aeration process, it is the best time for you to use fertilizers and overseed your lawn to make certain lush, thick and green growth in no time at all.

Lawn aerators are an absolute must for anybody who wants to have a lush, green and healthy lawn in front of their houses.

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