Common Kitchen Faucet Styles

Whether you’re upgrading the entire kitchen and putting in new kitchen fixtures, most likely you’re a little puzzled by the wide variety of choices in the marketplace today. Consumers are not aware that there are so many different models and brands in the market and when they began to shop for one, they can be overwhelmed by the remarkable variety of choices. Let’s break it down by the most frequent faucet styles:

1) Single handle – Single handle faucets still make up more than 80% of faucet sales and so are popular with builders. These faucets are straightforward and have a single handle that controls temperature and flow. These are generally available with a side spray that is significantly less expensive than the pull-out spray faucets. They also allow you to have a spray with a vintage-look faucet.

2) Two handle – The two handle faucet is the statelier and refined offering control for hot and cold water. Dependent on your kitchen theme they can be a fantastic compliment to that Tuscan or Victorian type kitchen. Many of these models are also available in the most popular high goose neck style for optimum clearance and architectural appeal.

3) Pull-out – If you would like a faucet capable of offer a great blend of efficiency and style, a pull-out kitchen faucet is likely to be an ideal choice. The actual faucet head has the ability to pull out for ease in pointing the spray in the desired direction and the pattern of water can alternate between spray and regular flow.

4) High-Arc Faucets – In case you wash a lots of large pots, fill vases often or have a big roomy sink a high arc faucet is most likely for you. High-arc, also called gooseneck or high neck faucets, provide you with more room to work. Today’s high arc kitchen faucets often have gorgeous flowing curves and tapered handles and could simply be the focus of a kitchen. These faucets should be used in deep sinks, they will cause splashing if the sink is shallow.

5) Pot filler – If you are an avid home chef and would like the extra convenience of having the capacity to fill a pot with cold water, you might like to look at the different styles of pot filler facets which are available these days. They are in addition to the standard sink faucet and are highly versatile in the installation process and will even be placed on the counter top or wall mounted.

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