Gas vs. Electric Stoves: Which is really more efficient?

Undoubtedly, a stovetop is one of the most important home appliances that you will ever buy. After all, it is not only a place to cook your food but additionally a place to provide balanced meals for you and your family.  When picking a new stovetop you have two choices to you; gas and electric. “
Most customers are faced with a problem when searching to buy a new stove top for the kitchen with regards to whether to go electric or whether to stick to good, old-fashioned gas stoves? This dilemma is justified because a stove top falls in the category of essential household equipment; it’s something you just cannot do without in your own home. Not only do you require it as an appliance in which to cook meals, but it even serves the purpose of preparing a nourishing and balanced meal for both you and your whole family.

Both gas and electric stoves are available and both have advantages and drawbacks. So the kind of stove is the best choice for you? Making the best choice between those two options boils down to your personal preferences and requirements.

Price Point

Let us start with looking at the pricing of a gas stove and an electric stove. Electric stoves are, generally, less expensive than gas stoves. With respect to the model and manufacturer, electric stoves could be between $50-$400 cheaper than gas stoves. Gas stoves usually are more expensive at the same time simply because, on top of the actual stove purchase, other purchases must also be made. As an example, if the buyer does not already have one, they will need to use a gas line, which may often be quite expensive.


Cooking appliances
such as the gas or electric stove is known as the main reason behind burn related injuries. Power outages are of concern for electric stoves. Once the power goes out the cook top is cool. Nevertheless, once the power is restored there is a potential fire or burn hazard if you do not remember to turn the setting back to off. Gas stoves have further safety concerns related to carbon monoxide and gas leaks. Thus, remember to weigh down the potential safety concerns.

Clean and Care

Most of the stovetops at present, irrespective of electric or gas type, are manufactured with self cleaning mechanism. Nevertheless, gas stoves are still preferred over electric stoves with regards to matters of cleanliness. The sealed burners equipped in gas stovetops aid reduce dirtiness making it easier to scrub if any kind of food item should tip out. Electric stoves come with coiled burners that have to be removed so that the cleaning is possible effectively.

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