Pros and Cons of Using Kitchen Cabinets for a Bathroom Vanity

“It seems that cost would be less of a factor and that it would be more an issue of time spent converting the kitchen cabinet and how much space is available for the added depth and height. Those over six feet may not feel comfortable at a standard bath vanity height, and they may prefer converted kitchen cabinets. Those who are shorter may not like kitchen cabinets for this reason.”
ariel_adamsYou may find this situation familiar. You’re scouring all the local home improvement stores for a new bathroom sink vanity, but you just can’t find what you’re looking for. All of them are too short, and they don’t give you the amount of storage space you need. Then the thought suddenly hits you: What if I used this amazing kitchen cabinet and turned it into a bath vanity? It may sound like a silly thought, but it has actually been done many times before, and many people love the results.

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