Guidelines On How To Achieve A Romantic Bedroom Style

The bedroom is a lot more than just the place where you fall asleep at night. Additionally it is a palace of love, a lair of beauty and intimacy. Beautifying your bedroom with a romantic style takes some time and consideration and definitely has to entice all five of your senses. A truly romantic bedroom should be well planned and appeal to both sexes. Romantic home accents and decor are not about fuzzy hearts, pinks and reds. It is more about the particular style: the curvature, the botanical accents, the warm finishes on the furniture and the neutral color palette.”

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Romantic home decor isn’t necessarily exactly about home components that are red and pink hearts. It signifies a total style of home accessories and decor and less for the ‘romantic’ holidays of the year. Here are a couple suggestions regarding how to make romantic bedroom decor.

Focus on the Bed

The bed should be the center focal point of the area for reasons apart from intimate romance. Keep in mind, romantic home decor is about the lines and detailing, not about the actual feeling.Having said that, give attention to your bed frame and bedding. Opt for fabrics and bedding in which feel deluxe to you and yours. In case you are most comfortable and have that warm, fuzzy feeling from flannel sheets, then make use of them! Pair your bedding with a bed frame and other furniture in which reflect romantic notions. A four-post bed is a perfect example of romantic bedroom furniture.

Furniture styles which are usually viewed in a romantic light include those with French influences, Renaissance influences, hand carved pieces as well as other furniture that includes soft, flowing lines and gentle curvature.


Eliminate everything that’s not supposedly in your bedroom. Yes. This includes your personal computer. Your working environment should go elsewhere. Whatever that will disturb you from relaxing, refreshing and making love need to be out of the picture. Whatever that spells ugly, messy and stinky ought to go.

Romantic Color Palettes

If it hasn’t already been noted, a romantic styled bedroom isn’t about reds and pinks. It is about warm, subdued tones: whites, off-whites, creams, light rosy pinks, warm grays and the like. It is possible to add these shades throughout your bedroom’s decoration from the furniture to the bedding, the bedside lamps along with other home accessories in the space.


If you’re planning for a romantic feel for your bedroom, stay away from severe vibrant lights. Rather, opt for more of a soft and filtered light for the room. Make use of a light bulb that has a lower wattage or rather than an overhead light fixture, use lamps for the room’s light. You may opt to use a very basic light fixture or even chandelier if you have the proper room in the bedroom. An excellent style tip is to try decorative lamp shades that filter the light to another color such as light pink or a soft red.

Last but not least, to make a mood, you might want to consider installing a dimmer switch in the bedroom. This doesn’t call for a lot of cash or fuss and will often be done by the hand do-it-yourself enthusiast; however, if worse comes to worse, do not be afraid to hire an electrician.

Romance is focused on creating an emotion. In bedroom decorating, it’s about evoking a setting that creates that emotion. This can be done through the use of light and color, applied strategically through the entire space.

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