9 Things We Miss When We’re Away for Christmas

Christmas is nearly here! It comes earlier and earlier each year, and with all the joy and happiness the season brings. Make sure you don’t miss it this year! Here are nine things you would miss when you’re away for Christmas season.

Board games, wet sleet and complaining relatives never seemed so appealing…

Are you going to be away for Christmas this year? If you’re a jammy jet setter who is sledging off to the Swiss Alps or flying off to the Caribbean this Christmas, we’re sure you won’t be short of some festive cheer. However, it has to be said, nothing is the same as a Christmas at home surrounded by your favourite people, wet weather and burnt Yorkshire puddings.

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If you’re heading off this year, we bet you start to miss…

Carving the bird

You’ve slaved away basting your turkey to glazed perfection so you want to do the honours and carve through that crisp skin. Whilst your slices (we mean hacks) will never look as beautiful as a chef’s carving, there is something regal about carving your own bird.

Listening to endless Christmas songs

Whilst some Latino music wouldn’t go amiss on the sun lounger in Mexico, you cannot beat the recognisable ‘rum pump pum pum’ that blasts out of every store and home at Christmas. We love to hate them but Christmas wouldn’t be the same without a merry tune.

Complaining about the weather

No, we aren’t jealous of your unparalleled views of Aspen’s finest nor your endless turquoise waters, we have a heavy dosing of sleet that has everyone watching at the window and gale force wind that is destroying the roof, tile by tile… Christmas wouldn’t be the same without a stranded relative!

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