Does Age Really Matter?

People who fall in love don’t necessarily take age into consideration.  Everyone has their own opinions as to why a young girl would marry an older man. This article will explore the question: does age matter when it comes to relationships.

Of course, age doesn’t matter. Age discrimination is an appalling fact of life in all walks of life, and many young people feel marginalized as much as their seniors. Older people are judged as “expired,” “invalid,” “out of touch,” and the young as “naïve,” “ignorant” and “clueless.” But equality issues aside—what about age and dating? In that case, age might matter.

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Let’s talk about May/December romance, as they are called. These relationships, between someone in the “winter” of life and someone still in the “spring,” have no specific age gap associated with them, but let’s ballpark it at about a 20 year age difference. What is that all about? How does it affect a relationship? Why does it happen?

Clearly age preferences in romance are personal. But with a gap of 20 years or more, taking a look at why you chose, or were drawn into, a May/December romance is important. Use the questions below to guide you as you examine, as objectively as you can, what factors may be at work in your relationship.

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