9 Bizarre (But Totally Healthy!) Ways To Deal With Heartbreak

Did you have a breakup and are wondering how to deal with heartbreak?  It is true that time heals all wounds, but only for those who want to be healed. These tips might be peculiar but it totally works for those heartbroken.

Find out how to get over that gut-wrenching heartbreak in a healthier, fun way.

We’ve all been through them — the heartbreaks from hell. The ones where you bury your head in a pillow, lie on the couch for days and decide that you’re proud that you actually made it out of your bedroom.

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You weep for a while, spend several hours texting your friends about what a moron he is, and maybe even have a moment of laughter as you create your maniacal plan of how to sleep with his best friend.

The big question is — are you recovering from this breakup in the healthiest way possible?

Here are some real-life situations and advice on how to get over heartbreak that might seem weird but will actually help you feel much better during this traumatic life experience:

1. Say “See ya!” and get away for awhile.

Leave the familiar and get away for a while. You’ll gain some new perspective on yourself and the relationship. Go somewhere you have always dreamed about and decide whether going alone or with another person will be best for you.

Take it up a notch and ask someone at home to remove his pictures and other personal items from your space so you arrive back to your new boyfriend-free zone.

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