6 Tips on Decorating a Christmas Tree

Christmas is the special occasion that spreads joy all around. To celebrate this grand festival people start off preparation well in advance. Christmas decoration is the inescapable thing about this very good occasion. During the festive days many people do lots of purchasing to embellish their house. Listed here are lots of things to take into account in designing your own home and yard for Christmas. There are several forms of holiday lights that you can get for both inside and outside. The secret is how to beautify the house inside and outside and make it spectacular and the talk of the neighborhood as well as making your house a comfortable place complete with holiday spirit for your friends and family.

You could start filling your house with Christmas cheer by setting up joyful and wonderful decorations.

  • Today, you can find lots of a variety of trees: different sizes, colors and textures. And of course there are millions of various small awesome items to put on the tree. Perhaps you have a lot of your Christmas toys the same as dolls or bear and etc. If so, then your tree could be embellished with these rather than the usual Christmas tree decoration.
  • Another idea to help give your home that Christmas spirit is to use Christmas ribbon to tie bows on your property. You can put them anywhere you are able to tie them, from your stair and rails to your curtains.
  •  Hanging stockings throughout your house is a best way to add that fun feel.
  •  If you’re looking for a task to do with your children, then take a white table cloth and paint it with fabric paint. This is an excellent way to add your children’s personality to your home. Just make sure you explain that painting on the tablecloth is a one time thing.
  • Embellish your houseplants with small decorations to help make them more Christmasy. If you are out of Christmas ornaments, use your Christmas cookie cutters with a little ribbon. You cannot go wrong. When it appeals to you, then you can certainly use it.
  • Put a collection of Christmas books on your coffee table. Or you can also place it under your Christmas tree.

You don’t have to spend plenty of cash on Christmas decorations. You may create your own with just some effort and a few ideas much like these.

10 Active Weekend Ideas for Families

“Finding time to spend together during the course of a week can seem next to impossible for the average family between work, school, practice, homework and chores.  For those days that we have nothing planned, it helps to have some ideas so we can enjoy our time together. These activities make perfect family outings for those weekends when you and the kids need to get out of the house. In good weather or bad, you’re bound to find something to satisfy everybody.”

Active Toddler - SPARK PE

Children learn their most impactful lessons at home. The examples parents present have a greater effect on the choices children later make than any other outside force. With a rising childhood obesity epidemic, parents are on the forefront of fighting health decline in their kids due to poor eating and exercise habits. Parents can teach healthy cooking, eating, and fitness lessons through conversation, but it is better understood through practice.

The school week is busy, especially if parents work outside the home. When the weekend rolls around, though, there are plenty of opportunities for families to get out of the house and work up a healthy sweat. Take a look at 10 ideas for making active weekend family plans:

  1. Visit a park. Enjoy being outside while providing an active place for your kids to roam freely. Set a good example by pushing your kids on the swings, climbing with them on the jungle gym and racing them from tree to tree. If you visit a park with no playground equipment, bring along a ball or Frisbee or simply let your children’s imagination create the fun. The sunshine and fresh air will enhance mood and the open space provides limitless opportunities for play.
  2. Plan a play date. Reach out to other families in your neighborhood, church, office, or children’s schools and plan weekend get-togethers. You can take turns hosting each other at your homes, or come up with a fun spot to meet. This provides your kids with the excitement of a playmate while giving you an outlet for adult interaction. This is also a great way to form strong bonds with other families in your social circles.

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