Tips For Anyone In A Long Distance Relationship

There is simply a possibility that a couple deals with long distance relationship. Being physically away could put hindrances to a relationship that may result in separation. Since you do not see him oftentimes, there is a great deal room for circumstances to fail… isn’t there? What else can you do to effectively guide a long distance relationship? Below are some tips for women out there that happen to be in a long distance relationship.”

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Long distance relationship or typically referred to as LDR is in some way a concern for any pair. The absence of frequent physical contact could possibly force a wedge between partners in such relationships. When distance ends up being a dilemma, the trust and trust are put to test. But just how are you able to cope up and deal with this problem? Listed below are some LDR advice that may work out for women out there.

I. Discuss your anticipations. A crucial in long distance guide is you should talk about your desires and expectations from each other.

a. Him and you. Exactly what relationship would you like from your long distance boyfriend? Go over what you both expect from one another and the relationship. . And come to a mutual commitment about what it is which each of you is willing to offer, where you both want the relationship to lead too and what you can expect to get from one another.

b. Him and other gals. Is there a problem with him being with other girls, whether or not friends or colleagues? Up to what extent is he allowed to mingle with them What pieces of his life can he share with other ladies?

c. You and other guys. Did you made it clear if you are allowed to meet up with guy friends? Are hugs alright? Or what about friendly pecks on the cheeks?

ii. Communication Setup. A long distance relationship guide is that you should concur with the type and frequency of communication to make sure you don’t expect him to contact you each day while he thinks that e-mailing you every week is okay.

iii. Less negativities! To keep things in the gentle mood, constantly talk about great things. Of course, you should still confide with him your but not to the extent that he’ll be and worried much.

a. Don’t guilt him. Always remember that just as much as you desire him to be with you all the time, that isn’t possible anymore. He have factors that cause being gone therefore understand and do not blame or guilt him on the circumstance. We must think that if really loves you, absolutely nothing nor distance can hinder your love for each other. He is human so you need to handle him as such.

b. Find a way to manage your doubts! If you have a dubious mind (and who doesn’t) then you certainly must find approaches to contain your doubts. Accusations and fictitious rumours can always break a relationship. So before you question him with your suspicions, get the truth first.

iv. Have an enthusiastic life mindset. Don’t stress and make yourself low the moment he isn’t with you. Yes, long distance relationship is tough but that doesn’t imply your life ends there. Be independent and be ecstatic of what life is offering! Men see independent person more desirable.

v. Look and feel great! Looking great means self-assurance, satisfied disposition and fulfillment. He may not see you but he can still sense it. And all of this can be demonstrated not merely by your looks but also in your approach towards him.

This long distance realtionship advise will help you sail through your relationship.

How to Welcome New Neighbors

Is there a warm way to say hello to a new neighbor? It is fulfilling to know that when you move into new community, your neighbors will welcome you warmly.

Has a new family recently moved into the neighborhood? Helping them feel welcome is an easy way to pay it forward!

From new neighbor gift ideas to etiquette for introducing yourself, there are countless ways to help them feel at home in their new area code.

Check out our list below for easy ideas that say “Welcome to the neighborhood!”

1. Say Hello


If you see them on moving day, stop by to say a quick hello! Because they’re busy moving, make sure to keep it brief, but let them know you’d love to get to know them better once they’re settled. Practice new neighbor etiquette by being friendly yet respectful of their time and space.

2. Offer to Help Them Unload

Everyone knows how stressful moving can be, but lots of hands can make it a breeze! If you have the time, consider offering to help unload boxes when you make your initial introduction. While your new neighbors may not want to accept your help just yet, the gesture alone will mean a lot to them.

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7 Smart Yet Simple Ways to Handle Difficult People

Do you encounter many difficult people in your life? So what do you do when you are dealing with difficult people or a difficult person and it is causing you stress?

This afternoon I took my son, Mac, to the community playground.  As I was chatting with another parent, I looked over and saw Mac’s eyes welling up with tears.  I ran over to him and asked what was wrong, but all he could do at that moment was quiver his bottom lip.  So I turned to a young teenage girl swinging on the swings and asked her to tell me what happened.  She explained that two bullies had been teasing Mac and calling him names for the past few minutes.  “I told them to stop,” she said.  “But they kept calling him smelly and telling all the other little kids that he pooped in his pants.  And then all the other little kids stopped playing with him.  Those bullies are so mean!”

I felt my heart aching and racing at the same time.  “Where are those bullies now?” I asked.

Mac suddenly spoke up.  “They ran away when I started crying,” he said through his tears.

I thanked the teenage girl, picked Mac up, and carried him to a nearby picnic table.  Initially, even though I was fuming inside, I just wanted to cheer Mac up.  So I quickly told him a few of my favorite kid-friendly jokes until, thankfully, I was able to get a genuine giggle out of him.  Then I pulled two dark chocolate bars out of my pocket, handed one to him, and said, “Cheers!”  He smiled and gave me a huge hug.  And I relaxed a bit, knowing that he was sincerely feeling better.

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Does Age Really Matter?

People who fall in love don’t necessarily take age into consideration.  Everyone has their own opinions as to why a young girl would marry an older man. This article will explore the question: does age matter when it comes to relationships.

Of course, age doesn’t matter. Age discrimination is an appalling fact of life in all walks of life, and many young people feel marginalized as much as their seniors. Older people are judged as “expired,” “invalid,” “out of touch,” and the young as “naïve,” “ignorant” and “clueless.” But equality issues aside—what about age and dating? In that case, age might matter.

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Let’s talk about May/December romance, as they are called. These relationships, between someone in the “winter” of life and someone still in the “spring,” have no specific age gap associated with them, but let’s ballpark it at about a 20 year age difference. What is that all about? How does it affect a relationship? Why does it happen?

Clearly age preferences in romance are personal. But with a gap of 20 years or more, taking a look at why you chose, or were drawn into, a May/December romance is important. Use the questions below to guide you as you examine, as objectively as you can, what factors may be at work in your relationship.

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9 Bizarre (But Totally Healthy!) Ways To Deal With Heartbreak

Did you have a breakup and are wondering how to deal with heartbreak?  It is true that time heals all wounds, but only for those who want to be healed. These tips might be peculiar but it totally works for those heartbroken.

Find out how to get over that gut-wrenching heartbreak in a healthier, fun way.

We’ve all been through them — the heartbreaks from hell. The ones where you bury your head in a pillow, lie on the couch for days and decide that you’re proud that you actually made it out of your bedroom.

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You weep for a while, spend several hours texting your friends about what a moron he is, and maybe even have a moment of laughter as you create your maniacal plan of how to sleep with his best friend.

The big question is — are you recovering from this breakup in the healthiest way possible?

Here are some real-life situations and advice on how to get over heartbreak that might seem weird but will actually help you feel much better during this traumatic life experience:

1. Say “See ya!” and get away for awhile.

Leave the familiar and get away for a while. You’ll gain some new perspective on yourself and the relationship. Go somewhere you have always dreamed about and decide whether going alone or with another person will be best for you.

Take it up a notch and ask someone at home to remove his pictures and other personal items from your space so you arrive back to your new boyfriend-free zone.

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How to Make My Boyfriend Stop Acting Distant

Do you think your boyfriend is about to break up with you? Is he acting distant all of a sudden? There is a good chance that whatever you’re doing is pushing him further away. Here’s how to stop your boyfriend from acting distant.

A new relationship can move along at a fast and exciting pace. Unfortunately, as your relationship begins to fall into a routine, things can go south with your boyfriend. He may become distant and seemingly uninterested. It’s important to diagnose the situation so you can come up with the proper solution. Your first instinct may be to cling tighter to him to keep him from slipping away. Sometimes, though, it’s best to take a step back and create some room to grow between the two of you.

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Consider what’s happening in your boyfriend’s life. If he is having a lot of stress at work or with his family, that may be why he’s become distant. If you find that this is the problem, be supportive and wait for the storm to pass.

Sit your boyfriend down and tell him that you feel like he’s slipping away. A devoted boyfriend will understand your concern and work with you to bridge the emotional gap. Be patient with him, though, because he is probably struggling with his own problems, which are leading him to distance himself from you.

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Long Distance Relationship Guide

Long distance relationship or popularly known as LDR is somehow an issue for any couple. Truly, being not with each other physically can sometimes hinder the growth of the relationship. Given that you aren’t seeing him often, there is so much room for circumstances to go awry… isn’t it? Exactly what can you do in order to successfully drive a long distance relationship? Listed below are some LDR tips may work out for girls out there.

1. Talk about your expectations. A key element in long distance guide is that you ought to mention your desires and expectations from each other.

a. You and Him. Enable yourself to realize what matters should you need your long distance boyfriend to do. Open up your hopes and expectations from each other. Speak about your responsibilities, things you are willing to give up and talk about the difficulties that could possibly happen in the given scenario. If you’d like the relationship to sort out, affairs have to be clear to both of you.

b. Him and other women. Have you got a concern with him being with other girls, whether or not associates or co-workers? Up to what extent is he allowed to associate with them Let him know what are your emotions toward other gals around him.

c. You and other boys. Have you ever made it clear whether you’re permitted to go out with male pals? Are hugs alright? What about kisses?

2. Communication Setup. One of the greatest way to update one another is thru frequent conversation. You must set a time on your Skype or SNS date or time period of your message or calls to fill in the gaps between.


3. Stay away from the negative talk! To maintain things in the light atmosphere, always speak about good things. Sure, you should still confide with him but not to the extent that he will be worried too much.

a. Don’t guilt him. Indeed he is miles away but it’s not his fault! It’s possible you’ll hate situations that keep him from you but be sure to don’t shift the fault to him. The reality that he is far away doesn’t imply he doesn’t love you. We’re made to think that if a man loves you then absolutely nothing (not even distance) could keep him from you. Remember, he’s just a normal person with feelings so understand him..

b. Learn how to handle your trust issues! Girls will always be girls. We do always have this women’s instinct. But retain in minds, at times these intuition are not true. Allegations and fictitious rumours can always ruin a relationship. So before you confront him with your doubts, get the truth first.

4. Stay interested and fascinated with life. Tend not to stress and make yourself depressed the moment he isn’t with you. Sure, long distance relationship is difficult but that does not imply your life ends there. Be independent and be thrilled of what life can give! Men look at independent female more pleasing.

5. Look and feel great! Looking great means confidence, happy feeling and fulfillment. He may not see you but he could still feel it. And all of this can be demonstrated not merely by your image but also in your personality towards him.

This long distance relationship guide will help you sail through your relationship.

Top 15 reasons why couples break up

Relationship breakups are never easy. It is important that you look past the pain of a breakup and find ways to cope even when things seem impossible.


If we consider the history of the institution of marriage, all of us would agree that it started at the time of creation itself. Man and woman are different both biologically and in mental makeup. However, the creation would not continue if man and woman do not come together. The physical and emotional needs unite man and woman and marriages take place. Till the beginning of the twentieth century, joint families and lifetime single marriages were quite prevalent. Divorces were few and far in between. However, things started changing as more and more women took up careers and achieved financial independence. The dependence of women on men declined and even small disagreements were magnified to a large extent that they were considered to be impinging on the individuality. Let us consider the top 15 reasons why couples break up.

breaking up

  1. Desire to be independent.
  2. Getting attracted to another person.
  3. Infidelity.
  4. Physical incompatibility.
  5. Less attracted to the person in a sexual way.
  6. Lack of proper body maintenance, like becoming too fat.
  7. Conflict in tastes and desires.
  8. Continuous nagging.
  9. Comparing the man or woman to others constantly
  10. Imparting unsolicited advice all the time
  11. Addiction to alcohol or drugs
  12. Deterioration in the health of one spouse or suffering from incurable ailments like HIV
  13. Physical and mental abuse and exhibiting sadistic tendencies
  14. Ignoring or showing disrespect to friends and relatives of one spouse Impotency or inability to bear children.

The above reasons are all chief causes for a marriage breakup. Sometimes, one reason alone might be enough for separation, while in several cases, a combination of a few of them lead to divorce. In this list, getting attracted to another person and infidelity might appear similar, but there is one important difference between them. In the former, the man or the woman might become more interested in another person and might think of leading a life of marriage with that person as a better option to …


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Top 10 Underpublicized Reasons to Seek Couples Counseling

“All marriages require work, but when one or both partners start to feel emotionally disengaged the marriage becomes highly vulnerable to further deterioration without outside help. Marriage Counseling can be helpful in a variety of situations, large and small. Married life isn’t always easy. After the rush and excitement from the wedding and honeymoon fade away, reality sets in. Marriage counseling is nothing to be ashamed of or to fear. Anything that can get you and your spouse back on track is a good thing. Whether you have large or small issues, marriage counseling can help you work through them  together.”

The Top Ten Underpublicized Reasons to Seek Couples Counseling

Do you notice everyone around you is in couples counseling? I do, because I’m a couples therapist. But even among people I meet casually, it seems everyone is going. The stigma of seeing a couples therapist will probably reverse soon.

So, why be left out of this trend? All around you, couples are improving their marriages, and you’re stuck in an uncommunicative, non-intimate, frustrating relationship that makes you feel bad five days out of seven.

“But,” you say, “I have only threatened divorce a handful of times, only under stress, or when we are fighting, which is only often and not constantly, and half of the threats are in my own head. We still have sex at least a couple times a month, and I like my partner at least half the time. Well, a third. What percentage is a fifth again?”

“Surely others,” you continue, “who are truly bad off, are the ones who need couples counseling. My spouse just needs to figure out how not to be such a jerk, and then we will be fine.”

To this series of defenses mixed with white lies and outright denial, I rejoinder, snappily: “If your leg was infected, would you wait for gangrene to set in before seeking medical attention? Do you think marriages improve as you get farther and farther away from the honeymoon period and have more stressors, some which crawl and destroy your home, to contend with?”

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8 Tips To Help Console A Grieving Friend

“It’s never easy to find the right words to say. Whether a friend is stressing over a family hardship or experiencing a bad break up, it’s a pretty tough job to make someone feel better. For some of us, supporting people going through a difficult time can be confusing or awkward, no matter how much we want to be present for them.  Below are some suggestions that might be helpful.  Not all of these will apply to every situation, so use them only if they feel appropriate.”


Grief can make decision-making difficult, and other things to keep in mind.

When a friend is grieving the loss of a loved one, it’s easy to feel helpless. Sometimes we think we’re doing the right thing by trying to cheer them up, pointing out the positives or letting them know that they should try to move on. Well-intentioned as we may be, those efforts tend to put pressure on them and leave them feeling invalidated. Here are eight ways to help you support your friend in times of need.

  1. Let go of time expectations. The person grieving may struggle for longer than expected. If this happens, regardless of how frustrating or frightening it may be for you, let them grieve for however long they need, knowing you won’t judge them for it. Take A Deep Breath: 3 Ways To Help You Stop Worrying
  2. Recognize the stages of grief. Most people suffering a loss will go through these stages, often in no particular order and sometimes repeating stages: denial, bargaining, anger, depression and acceptance. Each one is healthy and necessary. The more familiar you are with these stages, the better equipped you’ll be to support your friend.
  3. Variables to grief. One person’s grief is never the same as another’s. Variables include the cause and length of death, the personal resiliency of the grieving person, what their previous experiences have been, how large their support network is and their relationship to the person lost. Be understanding of how this can change their experience of grief from your own or someone else you have known.

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