Easy Christmas Tree Decorating Tips

“There are numerous types of holiday lights that you can buy for both outside and inside. The trick is how to decorate your house inside and out and make it stunning and the talk of the neighborhood as well as making your property a comfortable place complete with holiday spirit for your loved ones.”


People today have all different kinds of concepts about decorating their house for Christmas. In your home, Christmas decorations help to lengthy home that Christmas spirit that people crave through the christmas season. It is an important part of your celebration and will help your home feel more inviting in the holidays. There are many ways to embellish your property, yet making your own Christmas decorations with your loved ones may help make the time together more special and will give a great sense of pleasure and ownership. There are various ideas which can be used to aid with your interior Christmas decorating goals.

You can create your property into a Christmas work of genius with a few simple interior Christmas decorations.

Currently, you can get lots of various kinds of trees: different sizes, colors and textures. And of course there are millions of different small awesome items to put on the tree. It could be that you’ve got a lot of in your Christmas toys just like dolls or bear and etc. If that is so, then your tree may be decorated with these instead of the usual Christmas tree decoration.

In most cases dining room certainly is the focal point for the whole holiday. That’s why you need to think how to decorate it in advance. Enhance your dinner table with Christmas tablecloths. Add small silver and crystal things. Make your room shine and shimmer.

o Hanging stockings throughout your residence is a fantastic way to include that fun feel in your home.

o Should you be looking for an activity to do with your children, then you may want to take into account taking a white table cloth and painting it with fabric paint. This is a fantastic way to add your kid’s personality to your room. Just make sure that you explain that painting on the tablecloth is a one time thing.

Add scent throughout your home, tie 5 or 6 cinnamon sticks together in a bundle using Christmas ribbon. Make as many bundles as you wish and place around your home in baskets or bowls. Or perhaps you may buy scented candles to give you that Christmas vibe.

o Putting Christmas books out on your table is a great decoration and you can gain knowledge. You may also create a game around the trivia that you find inside of the books.

Christmas decorating is a wonderful time to create traditions and spend quality time with your family. Get out some snacks and drinks and create a little “decorating party” that your family will enjoy and look forward to year after year.

43 Ways to Decorate for Easter

“Easter is just around the corner  so be sure to add a little color and spunk to your family’s Easter fun! Decorating your home is a wonderful way to celebrate the Easter season. Try adding some holiday flair to the outside of your home with an Easter wreath, cast-iron bunnies, or sidewalk chalk bunny tracks. You can decorate your home’s interior with seasonal plants and flowers, animal figurines, and a festive Easter dining table.”

Baby's Breath Bouquet

More than Easter Eggs

When Easter rolls around it brings plenty of home decorating opportunities along for the season. Easter eggs are a highlight for many households and for good reason.

There are countless of options for decorating just when it comes to eggs but we are thinking beyond those this year. Children will love to help decorate for Easter this year but if you are flying solo you can still channel your inner child for some grown-up results. We’ve rounded up some of the most creative Easter holiday decor

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7 Essential Brush Strokes Every Watercolorist Should Know

I’ve been using watercolor from my paintings for years, and am happy to share what I have learned with you.  Just follow a few simple tips and use a little imagination, and before you know it you will become quite good without having to spend an arm and a leg.

Get ready to make your mark — these watercolor brush strokes are essential for creating beautiful paintings.

While watercolor is known as a fluid and painterly medium, there are some extremely helpful basic brush strokes that will help refine your painting and open up new worlds of texture in your work.



Like in drawing, watercolor can be used to paint lines. Simply put, all you have to do is dip your brush in paint and use your brush to draw lines of any shape, size or thickness.

(C) Life in the Wee Hours

With watercolor, there are two key ways you can create lines, and they’re often combined in a single painting.


Either using watercolor from a tube, or minimally wetting your brush to use watercolors in a pan, you essentially use a “dry” brush to apply paint. You’ll have dark, clear lines, but they will not have the flowing quality that is most usually associated with watercoloring.


By simply wetting your brush, either a little or a lot, you’ll get a different consistency with your lines in watercolor.

Note: a “dry” or “wet” approach can be used with any of the brush strokes featured in this post for a different effect!

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Essential Guide To Buy Sewing Machine

Among one of the most crucial tools when sewing is of course, the sewing machine. Possibly you’ve taken that beginner’s sewing program as well as are completely enthused to want your very own sewing machine. Perhaps you have actually freshened your abilities as well as are ready to upgrade your present machine for a new one. Currently you’re questioning – – just how do I tackle choosing a new machine?

In order to help you with your choice, enable me to offer you some tips ways to pick the best sewing machine for your demands.

(C) Sewmyplace.com

Initially, take into consideration your real demands that will be fulfilled by a sewing machine. Think about your priority, do you want to stitch on your own only or for your whole relations? do you desire the sewing machine only for fixing or to do ornamental stitches additionally? do you should sew hefty products like bedspread or slipcovers?

Second, ask yourself where will you spend your time sewing? If you have a larger space readily available, the dimension of your machine may not matter. However, if you are making use of a smaller location, you may wish to take into consideration a portable variation to reduce room.

Third, comes the period of use of the sewing machine that you are going to buy. Think whether you intend to acquire a sewing machine for a durable period or for a shorter amount of time just as a make shift plan. It is rather noticeable that the top quality of a sewing machine can be varied according to your strategy.

Currently, you have full a through research work on your priority aspects vital for your sewing machine. Right here are some standards to be adhered to with acquiring. When you are certain concerning the type of swing machine you intend to acquire, it is time for some study works by self-studying. It is straightforward as well as intriguing. You could undergo some offered magazines to obtain a present fad of various sorts of sewing machines and also you should compare them with a neutral approach. If you get confused, better to seek advice from to any type of local supplier of sewing machines to clear your questions. You must additionally take a look at and also contrast different versions of sewing machine.

Although lots of people could think that buying among the top professional machine versions is the very best way to spend for long-lasting usage, it is very important to keep in mind that a lot of the expert models are challenging for newbies to find out with because there are many parts and also setups that advanced individuals could understand. Ultimately, it is very important to find a machine that makes you really feel comfortable to use because it’s something that will supply a base for every one of your sewing jobs and identify your sensations for this remarkable craft.

30 Easy And Fun Summer Crafts | DIY Projects

I love creating crafts! Each season and occasion can be fun and enjoyable especially if you make arts and craft projects. This coming summer there are some interesting crafts that you might be interested in working. Check out this list.

Summer crafts are the secret to having a great summer! Check out this list for easy and fun crafts and projects to make in a flash.

Easy Summer Crafts You Can Make In A Flash

Summer is right around the corner and you know what that means! Okay, we’ll tell you exactly what it means! For most people, it means heading to the beach to soak up some sun and catch a wave or two. The best part about summer is having lots of free time to make some really neat crafts. Check out these cool and easy-to-make DIY summer crafts.

1. Make Summer Lanterns
With items around the house, you can easily make these adorable homemade tin lanterns! Just poke some small holes around the tin using a nail and a hammer. Then, place a candle in the base of the tin and light it up! They make the perfect picnic table lighting scenario!

2. DIY Shorts And Halter Top (No Sew)
These DIY for pompom shorts and scarf halter top are super easy and fun to make – awesome for the summer! Just make sure to slip a piece of cardboard in between the fabrics so your shorts won’t glue together in the center when gluing the pompom on.

3. Denim Cutoffs Wine Bag
I love this denim cutoffs wine bag. It will surely give every wine gathering a new touch. With just the bottoms of your cut off jeans and a little bit of sewing skill, you’ll have the cutest bottle carrier ever!

(C) Designsponge.com

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20 Best Indoor Kid Crafts and Activities for Rainy Days

Kids nowadays are really hard to tame. Sometimes they stress us out. However I found out that they just need to be busy for them to behave. So how did I deal with them? Challenge them in creating crafts.

So every year about this time winter starts getting REALLY OLD. Am I right? Everyone’s tired of snow and cold and the kids are super tired of being stuck inside (and I’m tired of hearing them tell me they’re tired of being stuck inside!). We needed some new “kid fun” ideas, so of course I turned to Pinterest, where there are galoads of great ideas. I spent some time looking for the 20 best indoor kid crafts and activities, and I had two criteria: 1) The crafts needed to be activity based, meaning they can play with whatever they make so we don’t end up with more stuff to throw away, and 2) The crafts/activities needed to be simple enough for the kids to do much of on their own so I can make dinner or tidy up or fold laundry and watch Downton Abbey. Here’s what I found:

(C) Castleviewmatlock.com

1. Paper plate fish from MADE. I don’t always love paper crafts for kids because they spend 15 minutes making it, and then it just clutters up my house. But the creative possibilities here are sure to keep them busy for some time.

2. DIY lazer maze from Brassy Apple. Can you say genius? Give the kids a roll of crepe paper and some masking tape and let them go crazy designing mazes and working their way through them.


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7 DIY Storage Boxes {Get Organized!}

A a great thrifty storage solution is to make your own DIY storage boxes. Decorative boxes are wonderful accessories in any space, whether displayed on a bookshelf or corralling office supplies and photos.


Create DIY storage boxes with a few simple ideas, a little time, and a whole lot less money than you would spend at the store!

I don’t know about you, but I can always use a few more storage boxes!  I’m not interested in the same old boring boxes…I’m talking about boxes with a little style of their own.

Make organizing your home more fun with these beautiful ideas.

7 DIY Storage Boxes

diy storage containers - cork

DIY Cork Storage Box – Sugar and Cloth

diy storage containers - stenciled

DIY Stenciled Storage Box – Silhouette America

diy storage containers - fabric

DIY Fabric Storage Boxes – Craft and Creativity

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40 DIY Leather Projects We Love

Are you looking for fun and creative Do-It-Yourself ideas? Look no further, this article includes great ideas for DIY gift that people will love to receive using your old leather materials.

Leather isn’t just for biker gangs or pop stars anymore! Once you learn how to work with it, it’s a great way to add a bit of edge to your wardrobe or home and a great way to roughen up some of the more girly elements of your decor. If you’re not into the whole leather thing, but love the look, a lot of times it’s easy to swap out for faux leather, so you can definitely embrace your animal and fashion loving instincts.

We’ve rounded up 40 DIYs from around the web to add some a bit of the leather trend to your jewelry collection, your office or home decor, and your style.

1. Sequin Heart Patches: The leather gives this adorable sweater upgrade just the right amount of edge and the sequins will make you stand out… in a good way! (viaSay Yes to Hoboken)

2. Stamped Leather Tie Clip: Don’t think we’ve forgotten about the guys! This custom tie clip would be a fun DIY touch to a nice suit. (via Lovely Indeed)

3. Hair Clips: Combining the neon trend with the leather one, these add a little bit of contemporary edge to the girly hair bow. (via A Beautiful Mess)


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